Set-up, Installation and Commissioning

When you purchase a power protection or energy management system from EcoPowerSupplies we ship more than a box. We look to build long-term relationships with all our clients and ensure you get the most from your investment in our products and services.

After selecting the right system for your application, our goal is to make sure you achieve a ‘first time, clean install’. To guarantee this, we provide a number of services through our electrical engineers and service engineers. These include manufacturer-trained certified engineers for electrical installations and service engineers to provide technical support.

An overview of the services is provided below. Please contact us for prices or see our priced Installation Services.

  • Plug-in Devices: most UPS systems up to and including 2kVA are supplied ready for plug-in to a local mains power supply. If you are unsure how to connect your plug-in device please contact our service engineers for advice and they will try to resolve any issues for you over the phone. If you require site attendance, we can arrange for a Set-up Service.
  • Set-up Service: this service provides a service engineer on your site to plug-in your load devices and ensure that the UPS system is functioning correctly. It is a chargeable service, and the service engineer will provide liaison with your IT staff to assist in the deployment of any remote monitoring software or interfaces.
  • Battery Replacement Service: this service provides a service engineer to replace the batteries on your site. We can also look to remove the replaced batteries and return them to our facilities for eco-friendly recycling.
  • On-Site Electrical Works: our contracting division can provide any on-site electrical works including LV switchgear, maintenance bypasses, electrical and network wiring, fused spurs and local sockets. This service can be applicable where the intended UPS location does not have a nearby power supply or sufficient distribution to the loads to be protected. This service is also required for hardwired systems as only a certified electrical contractor can make the final connection to the mains power supply. We do not have to subcontract this service, saving our clients installation costs and simplifying the overall project for them.
  • Commissioning: whilst most plug-in UPS are user-commissionable we can provide a commissioning service on-site. This is more appropriate for hardwired and/or larger UPS systems and renewable energy projects. As part of the service our service engineer or electrical engineers perform any calibration or parameter configurations and run through associated commissioning procedures.
  • Staff Training and Handover: as part of any system installation our engineers and engineer will provide some local staff training as part of the system handover.

If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of your local mains power connections or load distribution requirements or require a site survey, please call our Power Projects Team on 0800 612 7388. Alternatively you can email us or complete our enquiry form.