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Riello TeleNetGuard 24hour Remote UPS Monitoring

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  • TeleNetGuard 24hour Remote UPS Monitoring is a service to add to a maintenance contract for Riello UPS. At preset times during the month, TeleNetGuard will connect with the connected UPS to check operating logs and system status. Should an alarm condition ever occur, the UPS can connect to TeleNetGuard and report its alarm condition. This will activate a client dedicated response script including email and SMS communications and the despatch of a service engineer to site if required. Routine site reports can be sent by TeleNetGuard to the associated client personnel.

    TeleNetGuard features include:

    • 24/7 UPS monitoring with a site-specific alarm script
    • Defined alarm categories: critical, major and minor, with users grouped into alarms categories
    • Alarm specific response actions
    • Regular pre-set dial-in Checkup times
    • UPS status issued via fax or email to remote contacts
    • Multi-lingual, country, customer and location
    • Compatible with PowerShield³ UPS monitoring and control software

    Please note that the UPS will require a Riello UPS Intelligent Modem to connect to TeleNetGuard.


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