Standby Generators

Prime and Standby Power Generators

EcoPowerSupplies standby generators provide critical power applications with a source of AC power. In Prime Power mode the generators continuously run and the mains may be present or simply used as a back-up source of power. In standby mode (the more traditional role), the generators provide power when the mains power supply fails. An uninterruptible power supply will be installed in critical IT applications with a battery sized to cover the generator start-up period.

At EcoPowerSupplies we can supply generators as open-frame or enclosed sets. The canopies provide acoustic attenuation (to meet local authority planning guidelines) and a weather-proof enclosure (for outdoor installations). Generators can also be supplied as fully containerised systems including UPS systems, batteries, solar panels, cabling and LV switchgear for rapid deployment and/or remote installations.

Generator runtime is dependent upon the fuel-tank size the load. Fuel-tank size is typically a day-tank (8-hours) for a fixed installation, with options for 24-hour and 48-hour bunded tanks. Sizing is dependent upon the critical power load, and in secondary applications the size and type of uninterruptible power supply installed.

EcoPowerSupplies can also arrange a complete generator service package including site power surveys, installation, pipework and exhaust management, refuelling, maintenance contracts and 24-7 remote monitoring.

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