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Matt-e PVM CC Batt Hybrid Battery Connection Centre

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  • The Matt-e PVM-CC-BATT provides a compliant way to charge energy storage systems in a hybrid solar PV installation using low rate tariff electricity and without risking Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) payments.

    The PVM-CC-Batt is a single point connection centre solution with bespoke algorithms to allow a connected energy storage battery system to be charged from a local electricity connection during off-peak (night time/low-rate periods). The system is BS 7671:2008 Amendment 3 compliant with a built-in double pole RCBO MID approved generation meter and lockable AC isolator.


    PVM CC Batt Installation

    The PVM-CC-BATT connection centre provides optimum value during shorter winter days when the electricity generated from an installed solar PV installation may not be sufficient to cover the electrical base-load of a property or to generate sufficient charge to a connected battery system.

    The PVM-CC-BATT solution allows the batteries to be recharged to full capacity overnight (low-rate tariff) and for this energy to be used to power local loads during daytime (high-rate tariff) periods.


    A solar PV installation can only charge its connected batteries to their full capacity during the summer months using energy generated by photo-voltaic panels. With a PVM-CC-BATT the batteries could be topped up to 2kW per day using lower-rate/off-peak grid supplied electricity.

    • Day 16.60p – Night 5.73p = Difference 10.87p
    • Allowing for 10% losses in the battery system: 180days x 1.8kW x 10.87p = £35.21 per year additional saving on electricity bills


    The PVM-CC-BATT provides a simple connection and single metering solution that solves a common issue for solar PV systems coupled to energy storage. Without a PVM-CC-BATT an installed MID-approved generation meter could measure electricity flow in both directions (generation and storage) and any electricity stored direct from the grid would show as increased generation and leading to a potential stoppage of FIT payments.


    • Simple single connection point for PV installations
    • Amendment 3 compliant metal enclosure
    • Built-in lockable AC isolator
    • Double pole PV supply RCBO
    • MID approved generation meter
    • Design and built in the UK
    • Standard 5 year parts warranty


    • Nominal input voltage 230Vac 50Hz, single phase
    • Current: 16Amps
    • Weight: 3Kg
    • Operating Temperature: -5 to 40degrees Centigrade
    • Terminal Capacity: Incoming Live 16mm2, Outgoing Live 6mm2, Incoming Neutral 16mm@, Outgoing Neutral 6mm2
    • Ingress Protection: IP20
    • Warranty: 5 years limited to the replacement of faulty components only

    The Eco Power Projects team can provide electrical installation on this device. Please contact us for pricing.

    Warranty 5 year warranty, UK installations

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