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Single Pole Battery Transition Box 2300A 6 strings 630Vdc

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  • Single Pole Battery Transition Boxes rated at 2300A for 6 strings of 630Vdc batteries used within an uninterrupible power supply or renewable energy storage application. The table shows the continuous nominal current rating and this should be used to match a TransiBox to a UPS operating at full load, and with one less battery string than the number of ways provided in the enclosure. The maximum current ratings are 15 minute ratings. All ratings are shown for guidance only.

  • SKU TransiBox-Single-6-600
    Dimensions (HxWDx) 600x600x200mm
    Maximum Current 3780A
    Nominal Current 2300A
    Number of Strings 6x630Vdc
    Typical UPS Size 600-1400kVA
    Warranty 1 year

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