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Riello 3000VA Sentinel Pro UPS SEP 4m runtime

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  • The Riello Sentinel Pro 3kVA (3000VA) UPS with 4 minutes runtime provides on-line power protection and a highly regulated and stabilised output sinewave supply.

    Runtime Table

    Additional Battery Extension Packs (BEPs) can be added to increase the runtime.

    Load 100%50%

    Sentinel Pro UPS are part of the Riello UPS
    ECO Line range and feature: a high operating efficiency, battery lifetime optimisation, energy saving shut-down with no load present and configurable eco-mode UPS options.

    A built-in automatic bypass provides further protection for critical loads in case the UPS inverter is overloaded or suffers a fault condition. The UPS is easy to install, with an informative front panel and rear panel connections.

    Typical applications: critical data and voice processing applications requiring on-line (VFI) power protection and/or long duration runtimes.

    Riello Sentinel Pro Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    • ECO line power protection: high efficiency, an energy saving shut-off function for periods of prolonged inactivity and eco mode UPS operation.
    • Multi-mode configuration: on-line VFI mode, eco-mode ups (economy) LI line interactive operation, smart-active with the Sentinel Pro choosing whether to operate in on-line or line interactive mode, and standby-off for emergency back-up only for emergency lighting, fire and security alarms.
    • Frequency conversion: with a settable 50 or 60Hz output.
    • Battery optimisation: with a wide input voltage range to reduce battery usage, and automatic (or manual) battery testing, a battery replacement and environmentally friendly service provided by ECO Power Supplies.
    • Remote Communication: built-in USB and RS232 interfaces with PowerShield Lite UPS monitoring and shutdown software (included) available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Sun Solaris and many more.
    • Cold start capability: Sentinel Pro can be powered up without a mains power supply.
    • Auto restart: Sentinel Pro can auto restart when mains power returns after a prolonged battery discharge.
    • High overload capability: up to 150% of rating (short-term).

    For longer runtimes see the 3kVA ER Sentinel Pro UPS. ER-models can be connected to battery extension packs for long durations especially relevant for telecoms UPS loads of up to 4-7 hours.

    Sentinel Pro 3kVA UPS connections

  • SKU SEP3000 SEP
    Power 3000VA/2400W
    Runtime Up to 4 minutes at full load
    Input Connection IEC lead with moulded plug
    Input Voltage 230Vac (184-276Vac), 50/60Hz
    Output Connection 9xIEC320 sockets, 2xIEC-IEC power cables
    Output Voltage 230Vac +/-1%, 50/60Hz
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 190x446x333mm
    Nett Weight 28Kg
    Delivery Time Ex Stock
    Maintenance Plan 4 clock hours, 8 and 12 working hours, remote monitoring
    Warranty 36 months (extended available)
  • Example Bundles:

    SEP3000 with 11m runtime (SEP3000-11M)
    • Riello 3000VA Sentinel Pro UPS SEP 4m runtime
         1 x £634.85
    • Sentinel Pro BB SEP 72 A3
         1 x £365.50
    Price £1,000.35 (ex VAT)
    Price £1,200.42 (inc VAT)
    SEP3000 with 20m runtime (SEP3000-20M)
    • Riello 3000VA Sentinel Pro UPS SEP 4m runtime
         1 x £634.85
    • Sentinel Pro BB SEP 72 M1
         1 x £512.66
    Price £1,147.51 (ex VAT)
    Price £1,377.01 (inc VAT)
    SEP3000 with 40m runtime (SEP3000-40M)
    • Riello 3000VA Sentinel Pro UPS SEP 4m runtime
         1 x £634.85
    • Sentinel Pro BB SEP 72 M1
         2 x £512.66
    Price £1,660.17 (ex VAT)
    Price £1,992.20 (inc VAT)

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