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Riello Sentinel Power Green UPS are on-line uninterruptible power supplies rated 6-20kVA. As on-line UPS Sentinel Power Green uninterruptible power supplies have a constantly running inverter, sinewave output and provide a highly regulated and stabilised output voltage waveform. Part of the Riello UPS ECO Line range, the UPS are highly efficient with energy saving features including eco-mode operation and battery optimisation.

The standard models (SPM) are single-phase input and output (6kVA). Models with SPH in their SKU/model number are three-phase or single-phase input with a single-phase output (8-20kVA). The 3/1 or 1/1 configuration is completed on installation as part of the set-up and commissioning process. All have a rear panel connector for external battery extension packs allowing a Sentinel Power Green UPS system to provide battery runtimes up to several hours. Models in the range include:

  • SPM6kVA - single phase input 1/1 single phase output
  • SPH8kVA, SPH10kVA, SPH15kVA and SPH20kVA - three phase or single phase input 1/1 or 3/1 and single phase output (configured at installation).

Riello UPS Maintenance Contract

For more information on Sentinel Power Green UPS click on any of the models shown below or contact our Power Projects team to book a FREE site survey, discuss our trade-in service or Health Check an existing system for a maintenance plan.

6-20kVA Sentinel Power UPS Features

Sentinel Power Green is an ideal solution for mid-range IT systems, server racks, telecoms and other mission critical systems that require the power protection supplied by on-line VFI power systems. The UPS is highly efficient, designed to save energy and is designed to have no impact on downstream systems.  When mains power is present, the uninterruptible power supply provides a clean and stabilised output sinewave free from spikes, noise, sags, surges, nearby lightning surges and brownout conditions. As the inverter is running continuously, when the mains power supply fails or fluctuates the inverter draws on its connected battery to maintain a sinusoidal output waveform at all times.

Sentinel Power Green UPS have an informative LCD display, RS232 and USB ports, slot-in card adaptors, EPO/ESD input and can be used with Riello PowerShield³ UPS monitoring and control software. The UPS system also has several modes of operation including on-line (VFI), Smart Active and Economy Mode (Eco Mode). In Smart Active the UPS automatically decides whether to operate as a VFI on-line or VI line interactive uninterruptible power supply, based on the stability of the connected mains power supply. In Economy Mode the UPS can achieve 98% operating efficiency.

EcoPowerSupplies is an approved Reseller for Riello Sentinel Power Green UPS systems with stock available on a next day delivery basis from our UK warehouse. We also offer UPS site surveys, extended warranties and maintenance plans, trade-ins and rebates for legacy based UPS systems with an audited environmentally friendly disposal service.

The UPS products listed are our standard models. To meet more exacting specifications, the EcoPowerSupplies engineering team can sometimes provide an alternative product combination or set-up. This can include modifications or an alternative product solution to meet specific IP ratings, isolation transformers, voltage transformers, harsh industrial, remote or medical environments.