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3.6kWh Samsung SDI Solar Energy Storage Battery Solutions

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  • The Samsung SDI Solar PV Battery Solution is an easy to install, all-in-one 3.6kWh system including solar inverter and energy storage batteries, designed to store the electrical energy generated by roof-top Solar PV panels. A Smart Meter is included with the system.

    The integrated Solar Inverter has a maximum power input of 6.6kWp which is the total available from 26 Sharp 250W Solar PV panels. The Samsung SDI features two MPP (Maximum Power Point) trackers to optimise flexibility for installation roofs facing South and East-West.

    During daylight hours, the battery charger stores the solar PV generated electricity in lithium-ion batteries with a Depth of Discharge (DoD) of 90% and design life of 6,000 cycles at 25degreesC. The internal Energy Management System can export power to the grid or into the home for local usage.

    The Samsung SDI Solar PV Battery Solution provides intelligent monitoring with supervision at all stage of the charge/discharge cycle of the lithium-ion battery set, remote maintenance and monitoring via the web and mobile devices and alarm reporting.

    Solar PV Energy Storage and Battery Schematic

    Please note:
    1. EcoPowerSupplies can provide a competitive installation service for this product. Please contact us for pricing.
    2. VAT on the product is charged at 20% where the unit is put into an existing Solar PV installation. Where the unit is purchased as part of a new installation the reduced 5% rate applies.

  • SKU L20SDI3600UK
    Power 2kW
    Energy 3.6kWh
    Efficiency 90%
    Battery Type Lithium-iom (Li-ion)
    Battery Size -
    Depth of Discharge 90%
    Cycles > 6000
    Input Voltage DC Input 550Vdc Max Input
    Input Amps 15A per battery string
    Output Voltage AC Output 230Vac
    Output Connection hardwired
    Delivery Time Ex stock
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 1000x267x680mm
    Nett Weight 95Kg
    Warranty 5 year warranty

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