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Racktivity DC2 Energy Sensors

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  • The Racktivity DC2 Energy Sensors provide a complete overview of your DC energy consumption with 1% billing grade accuracy. This power monitoring and metering device can be installed at the DC power distribution board or in distributed remote locations such as PoPs, base stations and head ends for branch circuit monitoring. The DC2 Energy Sensor is designed for DIN rail mount installation and has Ethernet connectivity and supports multiple current measurement inputs. The DC2 can be installed with Racktivity E2Sensors for further environmental monitoring including temperature, humidity and montion sensing as well as smoke detection, water leak detection under raised floors and has dry contacts for rack door intrusion detection. The Sensors are fully compatible with DCPM, a Service Provider Infrastructre and Data Center Performance Management System to allow remote monitoring and power management with critical environmental metric reporting through a datacentre and other infrastructures. The base unit price is shown. Additional CT-cores and cables are required for environmental monitoring.


    • Billing Grade Accuracy +/- 2%
    • Per Current Sensor : Current (A), Real Power (W), Energy Consumption (kWh)
    • Per SUM Group : Total Current (A), Total Real Power (W) and Total Energy Consumption (kWh)
    • Per 3Phase Group : Neutral Current (A), Total Real Power (W) and Total Energy Consumption (kWh)
    • Detailed event logging
    • Measure DC voltage: On 2 feeds: A and B, Input range: 36 – 60 VDC
    • Measure DC current: On 12 inputs: 6xA & 6xB, Input range: up to 800A (depends on current transducer)
    • Works on both + and – 48V
    • Internal temperature sensor
    • 100% galvanic separation between the 2 feeds
    • Power supply via A and/or B feed for redundancy
    Warranty 2 year warranty

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