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PowerSafe SBS XL Range

PowerSafe SBS XL

– Pure lead technology for longer life operation
– 20-year design life at 20°C – 10-year design life at 35°C
– Designed for stable grid float applications
– Classic industry-standard footprints
– Wide operating temperature range of –40°C to +65°C
– Front terminal design for ease of installation and maintenance
– 24-month storage life at 20°C for maximum flexibility in project deployment
– Low total cost of ownership
– PowerSafe® products are marketed under the SuperSafe® brand in the following specific countries – India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

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THE ENERSYS® POWERSAFE® SBS XL RANGE OF VALVE-REGULATED LEAD-ACID 12V FRONT TERMINAL BLOCS HAS BEEN DESIGNED TO DELIVER EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE AND OUTSTANDING LONG LIFE IN STABLE GRID FLOAT APPLICATIONS, INCLUDING AT HIGH OPERATING TEMPERATURES. USING ENERSYS’ ADVANCED THIN PLATE PURE LEAD (TPPL) TECHNOLOGY, POWERSAFE SBS XL’S EXTENDED LIFE RESULTS IN REDUCED BATTERY REPLACEMENTS DURING THE LIFE OF POWER INFRASTRUCTURES TO ULTIMATELY PROVIDE AN INDUSTRY-LEADING, LOW TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP. Outstanding float life for stable grid applications PowerSafe SBS XL is EnerSys’ longest design life TPPL battery for stable grid float applications. Our 12V series combines classic front terminal designs for ease of conventional battery system upgrade, installation, and maintenance with a very long float life, together with the multiple, proven benefits of our TPPL technology such as a 24-month storage life. At elevated operating temperatures, the outstanding 10-year design life at 35°C of SBS XL front terminal blocs gives customers the freedom to reduce both capital costs by investing in cheaper cooling methods (such as free cooling) as well as operating costs by raising air conditioning set points. (Enersys PowerSafe)

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