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PowerSafe OGI Range

PowerSafe OGI

– Capacity range: 60 to 280Ah
– Designed for safety and ease of maintenance
– Space-saving footprint design in 12V and 6V configurations
– IEC 60896-11- and DIN 40737-3-compliant
– PowerSafe® products are marketed under the SuperSafe® brand in the following specific countries – India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

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FEATURING VENTED LEAD ACID (VLA) TECHNOLOGY, POWERSAFE® OGI BATTERIES ARE BUILT TO HANDLE DEMANDING DUTY CYCLES, MAKING THEM A RELIABLE, SAFE AND DURABLE POWER SOLUTION FOR A RANGE OF UTILITY APPLICATIONS. Proven safety and performance The rod plate composition in PowerSafe OGi batteries has a high energy density design that supports long life. Their low antimony alloy grid cuts water consumption and associated maintenance costs, while the high integrity terminal and jar design maximizes operational safety and inhibits electrolyte leaks. PowerSafe OGi batteries also feature raised posts to ease maintenance and NERC measurement requirements, plus a clear Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) jar that allows for easy inspection of the plates and electrolyte level. (Enersys PowerSafe)

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