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ESL-5 Enersolve Energy Efficiency Smart Devices

ESL-5 Range

– Effective.
– Easy to install.
– Autonomous in its operations.
– The first step towards making consumption more efficient.
– Energy saving: lower energy consumption (savings in the bill).
– Reduction in “power quota”: reduction in peak of power used (recorded in the bill).
– Depending on the type and mix of loads, it generates savings of up to 12%.
– Improvement in energy quality: reduction in plant management issues.
– Elimination of voltage fluctuation: greater load efficiency.
– Elimination of voltage asymmetry: reduction in plant losses.
– Elimination of “voltage recovery”: elimination of failures and increase in equipment’s average service life.
– Reduction of electrical stress and abnormal stresses on loads: increase in the average service life of equipment.
– Reduction in maintenance: reduction in indirect costs.
– Continuous monitoring of energy parameters: Enercloud platform with availability of all the energy parameters.
– Certified monitoring of the energy saving: ESPRO solution certified with real savings monitoring.
– Identification and storage of abnormal events: extraction of data from the Enercloud platform.
– Sending of alarms via text message or email: receiving information on events and state (programmable thresholds for specific alarms).

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The Enersolve system improves both the energy efficiency and quality of the power, offering guaranteed power savings that translate into a consistent economic benefit on electricity consumption. But not just that. The improvement in the plant’s “performance” entails an additional economic benefit due to the greater duration of the equipment, which is less stressed thanks to the optimal power quality. The advantages are not just economic; in fact, companies that introduce Enersolve into their own system help, significantly, in protecting ecosystems, contributing to lowering the main atmospheric pollutants. Saving power also means reducing the quantity of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. In addition to designing the solution, the real challenge was that of developing a system for measuring the savings that can reproduce an actual measurement, a challenge overcome with the Enercloud platform. Thanks to the Enercloud platform, the savings obtained are contractually guaranteed; the Enersolve system always pays for itself with the savings obtained. Enersolve: what it does… – It improves the quality of power available by isolating the plant in relation to the external mains, thus reducing failures, maintenance, and significantly improving service continuity. – It also reduces the peak of power used by the individual user and enables service continuity including in the case of strong mains instability. – It results in a reduction in consumption that can be precisely measured using the Enercloud platform. Users forced to operate with power parameters that they cannot control do not produce more work but certainly consume more. An essential element of the Enersolve equipment is the cloud monitoring system. This element, in addition to providing fundamental information on savings, the trend in power parameters, and the efficiency of our plant, is decisive for obtaining tax incentives and benefits linked to the energy efficiency solutions. (Ortea Enersolve)

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