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Comec Energy Saving Voltage Optimizer

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The value of the voltage provided by electricity producers oscillates, on average, in the range of ±10% and is influenced by the demand, quality of transport infrastructure, and distance of the production site from the grid connection point. These changes in voltage negatively affect the life cycle of the equipment (in particular the electronic equipment) increasing the MTBF of devices. Through dynamic monitoring of the voltage value, ComEC ensures a stable value for electrical loads, extending their useful life. The electrical equipment available on the market is designed to operate with a range of variable nominal voltages between 220V and 240V. An input voltage value greater than the nominal one leads to an inefficient use of the equipment with resulting energy waste. ComEC adjusts the voltage provided, bringing it to the equipment’s maximum operating efficiency level. In this way, it guarantees, depending on the type of load, energy saving of up to 12% with a rapid return on investment. ComEC is a “Power Quality Friendly” system that provides a controlled waveform to all electrical circuits, does not generate harmonic distortions, and reduces system management issues: – Voltage optimization: greater load efficiency. – Reduction of electrical stress: increase in the average useful life of equipment. – MTBF reduction: reduction in indirect maintenance costs. Unlike systems based on solid-state components, the innovative design of ComEC guarantees a high degree of strength and tolerance in disturbed electrical environments. ComEC is equipped with integrated protection systems: automatic internal bypass, manual bypass, and outlet isolator. ComEC is based on an innovative technology that makes it possible to dynamically control the voltage provided to electrical circuits. The heart of the system is based on an adaptive algorithm with power transformers controlled by a micro-processor. ComEC is installed downstream of the system’s main circuit breaker. Its compact size makes it possible to mount on a wall and allows easy connection to power supply switchboards. The selection of ComEC model to be installed is easy, requiring only knowledge of the power and current parameters of the main circuit breaker. ComEC provides an immediate savings benefit. The saving that is obtained with ComEC depends on the type of load and can be as much as 12%. (Ortea Comec)

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