Price Guarantee and Competitive Prices

As independent Power Protection experts we can often save our clients money by ‘right-sizing’ their power solution. We often receive calls from enquirers who have been quoted a price far in excess of what you can expect from EcoPowerSupplies. Simply put we save our clients money and help them achieve a higher return on investment than any other UPS supplier.

We start by sizing the right UPS solution for your application and build in a safety margin to allow for future expansion. We then ensure the services quoted are the right ones to achieve a first time installation that will give you years of service.

Sending Us A Price Check Request

To check your quotation against one from EcoPowerSupplies simply:

  • Email us the offer with a link to a webpage URL or as an attachment.
  • Complete our Enquiry Form and copy the detail into the ‘Comments Box’.
  • Just call us on 0800 612 7388 to discuss your offer.

If we believe we have a like-for-like system that will be comparable in performance and specification, and that it is the right solution for your application – we will match or beat the price to secure your business. We promise to respond within 1 working hour.

A few guidelines:

1. We will match or beat a competitor price by a minimum of 5% with all comparison made exclusive of VAT on a product basis. There is no maximum set and this is at our discretion.

2. When comparing prices, we exclude VAT but will include all associated costs if requested including delivery, installation and commissioning.

3. We make our comparisons on a like-for-like and quantity basis and the competing supplier must be able to match our timescales for delivery.

4. Prices will be compared for UK deliveries to a single site and shall not include any other promotions, discounts, incentives or rebates.

5. Prices must be within validity periods and a common currency.

6. Proof of pricing or quotation must be provided in the form of a URL website link or copy quotation.

7. Credit terms must be comparable in terms of offers i.e. pre-payment or nett 30 days account.

8. We reserve the right to not enter into a ‘Price Check’. It is solely at the discretion of EcoPowerSupplies and we can withdraw any offer we make at any time if we believe the service to be abused or misused.

For any further information please contact us.