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S2-1 PowerCube Solar PV Diesel Generator Outdoor Hydbrid Energy Storage Systems

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  • A 1.5kW outdoor PowerCube S2 solar PV and diesel generator hybrid energy storage system (solution 1) including a solar PV array and battery system with a united controller featuring advanced SolarMax technology with a high precision (99.8%) Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar inverter and 98.5% efficient conversion, high temperature adaptability and light sensitivity, and integrated diesel generator.

    This solar and diesel generator energy storage system is ideal for areas with frequent power interruptions and irregular sunshine hours. The system offers high reliability and resilience within a limited footprint.

    System benefits include: high reliability, excellent Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with optimised solar PV and integrated diesel generator usage, advanced SolarMax MPPT technology and a high pillar structure with anti-theft bolts.

    Solution 1 – Outdoor Solar PV and Diesel Generator Energy Storage

    • Controller: Energy Control Center (ECC) and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) converter, rectifier
    • Distribution Capacity: 200A total
    • PV Module Size: 12000Wp
    • Integrated Diesel Generator Capacity: 4.2kW (5kVA)
    • System Cooling: Heat exchange/Free cooling
    • Battery Cooling: Free cooling
    • Cabinet: ICC500
    • Spare Capacity: 13U
    • Battery Module and Capacity: Deep Cycle Battery (DCB) 200/300/400/500/650Ah (4 groups max)
  • SKU POWERCUBE-1000-S2-1

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