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D1 Advanced PowerCube Diesel Generator Indoor Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

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  • A 3.5kW PowerCube indoor D1 Advanced diesel generator and battery energy storage system with an integrated generator and deep cycle battery set. The system includes a United Controller with advanced DieselMax Technology (including: dynamic load algorithms, high AC-DC conversion efficiency up to 96% and high charge/discharge efficiency up to 96%).

    This PowerCube is ideal for applications where solar PV PowerCubes may not be suitable, and with limited access by maintenance engineers.

    System benefits include: high reliability, up to 75% fuel saving and reduced diesel generator running (90% reduction) and up to 97.5% diesel generator maintenance cost.

    Advanced D1 – Indoor Diesel Generator and Battery Energy Storage

    • Controller: Energy Control Center (ECC)
    • Rectifier Capacity: 6×50A
    • Integrated Diesel Generator Capacity: 10kW (12.5kVA) / 12kW (16kVA)
    • Integrated Fuel Tank Capacity: 800Litres
    • AC Input: 220Vac (85-300Vac), 50/60Hz (45-65Hz) 3phase+4-wire
    • System Cooling: Heat exchange
    • Battery Cooling: EcoCool/split DC air conditioner/Free cooling
    • Cabinet: ICC200
    • Spare Capacity: 25U
    • Battery Module and Capacity: Advanced Cycle Battery (ACB) 200/250/300/400Ah
  • SKU POWERCUBE-1000-D1-Advanced-InDoor

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