Are Power Surges and Sags Costing Your Company Money?


By Eco Power Supplies

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Business owners are always searching for ways to decrease expenses and increase profits but you may be wasting money in areas you never thought of before. Did you know that power surges and power sags or brownouts could be costing your company extra money? A power surge occurs when there is a sudden increase in the electrical voltage running to your electronics. Power sags occur when there is a decrease in the voltage. Both of these can cause a variety of problems that can have a negative impact on your business and cost you extra money.
In most cases, you won’t even notice these changes taking place but your computer system and other electronics are very sensitive. Even the slightest variance in voltage has an effect on these systems.

Both surges and sags can disrupt your business making it difficult to keep things running smoothly. Sags can slow down your computer system, which slows down production. Surges can burn out the circuits in your electronics making it necessary to replace your system with a new one, which can be very expensive. You can protect your electronics and save money by installing an uninterruptible power supply or UPS system in your business. A UPS system will help keep everything running smoothly, even when the main power supply fails or when it is not functioning correctly.

The main purpose of the UPS system is to provide a power source for your critical load during a power outage. When systems shut down suddenly without warning, it usually results in damaged hard drives and loss of data.

The UPS system will keep your critical load functioning properly until you have time to do a proper shut down but they also protect against power surges and sags by regulating the voltage of the incoming power supply. This keeps your business running smoothly by preventing surges and sags from slowing down or damaging your computer system and other electronics.

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