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NetCol8000A 100kW Room Air Cooled Air Conditioners

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  • The Huawei NetCol8000-A-100 is a 100kW high efficiency air-cooled in-room precision air conditioner. The system has indoor and outdoor components. The unit is supplied with scroll compressors, large surface evaporators, EC fans (optional), infrared humidifiers and PTC electric heaters. NetCol8000-A series air cooling systems are designed for installation inside the free space within a datacentre or plant room and can be installed against a wall as they have full front-access for maintenance. The fans can be installed beneath the raised floor to further improve air supply efficiency.

    NetCol8000-A-100 Air Cooled System

    • * CFD Simulation and Field Synergy Design:* helps to reduce air pressure drop by 30% and increase cooling density by 15%
    • Unique Energy-Saving Logic: for a single unit, the partial load EER is increased by 26%. For a multi-unit system, energy saving is increased by over 30% with optimised operation
    • Independent Dual Circuits Design: fault tolerant design
    • Group Control and Synchronisation: supports alternative operation and hot back-up to ensure stable IDC running
    • Refrigerant Leakage and Anti-freezing Protection: the unit will switched off if refrigerant leaks, to prevent the evaporator from damage due to frosting or freezing
    • Independent Dual Modular Design: eliminates on-site installation and commissioning times, with reduced logistics and foot-print impacts
    • Easy To Maintain: with 100% front maintenance:* side-by-side or against-the-wall installations can be made to achieve the lowest footprint and maintenance space requirements
    • Expert Management System: an advanced management system provides immediate operating information and alarm interrogation
  • SKU NetCol8000-A-100D
    Type Air-cooled
    Air Discharge Direction Bottom
    Input Supply 380-415Vac 50Hz
    Refrigerant R410A
    Electric Heating Capacity 12kW
    Humidifying Capacity 10Kg/h
    Water Flow -
    Water Pressure Drop -
    Full Load Current 76A (EC Fan), 84A (AC Fan)
    Notes Nominal cooling condition: return air dry bulb temperature 24C; RH50%; condensing temperature 45C.
    Dimensions 2280x890x1980mm
    Delivery Time 1-3 weeks from order
    Maintenance Plans 4 clock hours, 8 and 12 working hours, remote monitoring
    Nett Weight 830Kg
    Warranty 12 months

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