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NetCol5000C 30kW In Row Chilled Water Air Conditioners

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  • The Huawei NetCol5000-C-30 is a high efficiency 30kW chilled water precision air conditioner. The unit is designed for installation inside a datacentre with a water chiller system to form a complete facility cooling system. The NetCol5000-C-30 is supplied as a completed unit with EC fans, cooling and dehumidification functions. The unit is designed for in-row installation for medium to high-density datacentres. The cooling unit supports both top entry and bottom entry piping and cabling and can be accessed from both the front and the rear.

    NetCol5000-C-30In Row Water Cooled System

    • High Efficiency DC Power Module: fans are powered by a high efficiency (up to 94%) Huawei-developed DC module; total rated power input operates down to 1.0kW
    • Efficient Heat Exchanger: CFD simulation and field synergy design help to optimize heat exchange; heat transfer efficiency is improved by 10%
    • Dual Condensation Pumps: a dual floats and dual condensation pumps design; condensation drainage is not affected by pump failure
    • Dual Power Sources: if one source fails, automatically switches the alternative one
    • Eight EC Fans: multiple back0up ensures a smooth and constant air flow; performance is not affected if a fan fails
    • Simple On-site Fan Maintenance: no need to power down for fan replacement
    • Water Piping: high quality rubber hose with threaded connection for easy installation
    • Advanced 7-inch Colored Touch Screen: features innovative one-touch interface switch and provides temperature and humidity curves display for the last 30 days
  • SKU NetCol5000-C030H
    Type Chilled Water
    Air Discharge Direction Horizontal
    Input Supply 200-240Vac 50Hz, 200-240Vac 60Hz
    Refrigerant -
    Electric Heating Capacity -
    Humidifying Capacity -
    Water Flow 1.4l/s
    Water Pressure Drop 55kPa
    Full Load Current 5.5A
    Notes Nominal cooling condition: return air dry bulb temperature 37.8C; RH20%; inlet/outlet water temperature 10C/15C
    Dimensions 300x1000x2000mm
    Delivery Time 1-3 weeks from order
    Maintenance Plans 4 clock hours, 8 and 12 working hours, remote monitoring
    Nett Weight 240Kg
    Warranty 12 months

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