Riello Multi Plus UPS MLM and MLT Series

Riello Multi Plus UPS

The Multi Plus UPS from Riello UPS is on a transformerless UPS design. The UPS is compact, with a small footprint with models available with and without internal batteries. Matching battery extension packs were also available to increase the runtime up to several hours. The Multi Plus was available as a 1/1 or 3/1 (MLM series) and 3/3 (MLT series) from 10-120kVA. The UPS could be used as a standalone system or operated in parallel N+X for added resilience or capacity. EcoPowerSupplies is a certified Riello UPS Service Partner. We provide a complete range of UPS services for Multi Plus installations including:

  • UPS Maintenance Plans
  • UPS HealthChecks
  • UPS Battery Testing and Replacement

For more information on the services we can provide for the Riello Multi Plus MLM or MLT range contact our Power Projects team to book a FREE site survey, discuss our trade-in service or Health Check an existing system for a maintenance plan.

Click Multi Plus UPS datasheet for a PDF on the Multi Plus UPS range including general specifications.

MLM series, (1/1 or 3/1) Multi Plus UPS 10-20kVA

MLM series, single phase input and output, or three phase input and singe phase output uninterruptible power supplies. The MLM series UPS could be installed as a 1/1 or 3/1 configuration on installation through the connection to a single or three phase input power supply and the correct jumper/firmware configuration. As a transformerless UPS the Multi Plus has a centre-tapped battery meaning that the battery is split into two strings for the +ve and -ve terminal connections.

SKURatingDC BusBatteries
MLM 1010kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc
MLM 1212kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc
MLM 1515kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc
MLM 2020kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc

MLT series, (3/3) Multi Plus UPS 10-120kVA

MLT series, three phase input and three phase output uninterruptible power supplies.

SKURatingDC BusBatteries
MLT 1010kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc
MLT 1212kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc
MLT 1515kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc
MLT 2020kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc
MLT 3030kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc
MLT 4040kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc
MLT 100100kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc
MLT 120120kVA480Vdc40×12Vdc

The MLM and MLT series has been replaced by the Riello Multi Sentry UPS range.