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Riello Multi Guard Modular UPS Systems

ECO Energy Level UPS

Riello Multi Guard Modular UPS are on-line uninterruptible power supplies rated 10-120kVA. The table below shows potential configurations.

Model Modules Parallel N+1 Expansion Max Internal Runtime
GMT30-15 1 15kVA 1 available 1h30
GMT30-30 2 30kVA 15kVA 42m
GMT60-15 1 15kVA 3 available 1h53
GMT60-30 2 30kVA 15kVA 2 available 54m
GMT60-45 3 45kVA 30kVA 1 available 30m
GMT60-60 4 60kVA 45kVA 21m
GMT120-120 8 120kVA 105kVA External cabinet

For more information on Multi Guard Modular UPS click on any of the models shown below or contact our Power Projects team to book a FREE site survey, discuss our trade-in service or Health Check an existing system for a maintenance plan.

Multi Guard Modular UPS Reseller is an approved Multi Guard Modular UPS Reseller. The company provides Multi Guard UPS typically on a next day delivery basis from UK warehoused stock. UPS site surveys, extended warranties and maintenance plans are available on a model-by-model basis.

UPS Trade-Ins and Rebates

If you have an existing UPS system and would like to trade it in or receive a rebate against a new Multi Guard Modular UPS please contact us. We provide am audited environmentally friendly disposal service for UPS, generators, batteries and other power-protection related systems.

Product Customisation

The products listed are standard models. To meet more exacting specifications, the engineering team can sometimes provide an alternative product combination or set-up. This can include modifications or an alternative product solution to meet specific IP ratings, isolation transformers, voltage transformers, harsh industrial, remote or medical environments