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MPC 100kVA 3Ph Voltage Stabilisers

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  • The MPC 100kVA is an ultra-fast response IGBT PWM based static microprocessor controlled electronic automatic voltage stabiliser designed to provide robust power protection in harsh electrical environments from sags, surges, brownouts, spikes and transients, including those generated from local lighting strikes. The voltage stabilisers operate within a wide input voltage window and provide a tightly regulated output voltage supply for sensitive electronic equipment including laboratory analysers, medical imaging systems, broadcasting transmitters, security scanners and CNC machine tools.

    MPC 100kVA Voltage Stabiliser Features

    • Super fast voltage regulation +/-1%
    • Ultra Fast Voltage Regulation <30ms (200V/s)
    • Soft Start to reduce inrush current
    • Automatic Bypass
    • Silent Operation
    • Excellent load protection
    • IGBT PWM control technology and static operation
    • Built-in IGBT AC-AC converter
    • Cycle to Cycle voltage regulation with no load current interruption
    • Wide Input Voltage Range +/-25%
    • Superior Output Voltage Stability +/-1%
    • Overload Protection up to 150%
    • Fast Response to Voltage Surges
    • High Operating Efficiency
    • Automatic Bypass Feature
    • Auto Restart
    • Cabinet: IP20
    • Working Temperature: -10¡C to 50¡C
    • Storage Temperature: -25¡C to 60¡C
    • Relative Humidity: <%90, DIN (40040)
    • Working Altitude: <2000m
  • SKU MPC-100
    Power 100kVA
    Input Voltage 380/400/415Vac +/-25%, 50-60Hz +/- 10%
    Output Connection hardwired
    Output Voltage 380/400/415Vac 3P+N +/-1%
    Response Speed > 2000V/s (<30ms)
    Efficiency >97% at full load
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 750x920x1825mm
    Nett Weight 465Kg
    Delivery Time 2 weeks
    Warranty 2 year warranty, 10 years spare parts Support

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