Replacement UPS Battery Kits Table For MGE UPS

For more information on our replacement battery kits for MGE UPS please click on any of the products shown below or call our Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, complete our enquiry form or simply email us. Alternative see all the battery replacement kits we supply at EcoPowerSupplies.

AB1000 Pulsar Ellipse 300 BS, Pulsar Ellipse 300 USB BS, Pulsar Ellipse 500 BS, Pulsar Ellipse 500 USB BS, Pulsar Ellipse 300 IEC, Pulsar Ellipse 300 USB IEC, Pulsar Ellipse 500 IEC, Pulsar Ellipse 500 USB IEC, Ellipse Premium 500 USB BS, Ellipse Premium 500 USB IEC
AB1001 Pulsar Ellipse 650 USB BS, Pulsar Ellipse 800 USB BS, Pulsar Ellipse 650 USB IEC, Pulsar Ellipse 800 USB IEC, Ellipse Premium 650 USB BS, Ellipse Premium 800 USB BS, Ellipse Premium 650 USB IEC, Ellipse Premium 800 USB IEC
AB1002 Pulsar Ellipse 1200 USB BS, Pulsar Ellipse 1200 USB IEC, Ellipse Premium 1200 USB BS
AB1003 Ellipse Premium 1200 USB IEC
AB1004 Pulsar Evolution 500 Rackmount 1U
AB1005 Pulsar Evolution 800
AB1006 Pulsar Evolution 800 Rackmount 1U
AB1007 Pulsar Evolution 1100
AB1008 Pulsar Evolution 1100 Rackmount 1U
AB1009 Pulsar Evolution 1500
AB1010 Pulsar Evolution 1500 Rackmount 1U
AB1011 Pulsar Evolution 2200 Tower Rackmount
AB1012 Pulsar Evolution 3000 Tower Rackmount
AB1013 Pulsar Extreme 700 C Tower
AB1014 Pulsar Extreme C 1kVA EXB, Pulsar Extreme 1000 C Tower, Pulsar Extreme 1000 C 2U Rackmount
AB1015 Pulsar Extreme 1.5kVA C EXB, Pulsar Extreme 1500 C Tower, Pulsar Extreme 1500 C 2U Rackmount
AB1016 Pulsar Extreme 2200 C – EXB, Pulsar Extreme 2200 C Tower, Pulsar Extreme 2200 C 2U Rackmount
AB1017 Pulsar Extreme 3200 C – EXB, Pulsar Extreme 3200 C Tower, Pulsar Extreme 3200 C 2U Rackmount
AB1018 Pulsar Extreme 2kVA XLA, Pulsar Extreme 2kVA Tower Module, Pulsar Extreme 2kVA Rackmount Module, Pulsar Extreme 2kVA LA
AB1019 Pulsar Extreme 3kVA EXB, Pulsar Extreme 3kVA Tower Module, Pulsar Extreme 3kVA Rackmount Module, Pulsar Extreme 3kVA EXB
AB1020 Comet Extreme 4.5kVA UPS Tower Module, Comet Extreme 6kVA UPS Tower Module, Comet Extreme 4.5kVA UPS Rackmount Module, Comet Extreme 6kVA UPS Rackmount Module
AB1021 Comet Extreme 9kVA UPS Tower Moduler, Comet Extreme 12kVA UPS Tower Module, Comet Extreme 9kVA UPS Rackmount Module, Comet Extreme 12kVA UPS Rackmount Module
AB1022 Comet EX RT 5-7kVA EXB Module, PW9120-5000, PW9120-6000, PW9125-5000, PW9125-6000 P64-E64
AB1023 Comet EX RT 11kVA EXB Module, PW9125 EBM 240, PW9125 EBM 240 P64-E64 EBM, PW BladeUPS EBM 3 PHASE UPS ERM