Modular UPS Systems

Riello Master Dialog UPS RM and RT Series

The Master Dialog UPS from Riello UPS is a transformer-based UPS available in 3/1 (RM series) and 3/3 (RT series) from 8-800kVA. The UPS was supplied with a 6-pulse or 12-pulse rectifier and could be fitted with additional battery packs to achieve long runtimes. EcoPowerSupplies is a certified Riello UPS Service Partner. We provide a complete range of UPS services for Master Dialog installations including:

  • UPS Maintenance Plans
  • UPS HealthChecks
  • UPS Battery Testing and Replacement

For more information on the services we can provide for the Riello Master Dialog RM or RT range contact our Power Projects team to book a FREE site survey, discuss our trade-in service or Health Check an existing system for a maintenance plan.

Click Master Dialog UPS datasheet for a PDF on the Master Dialog UPS range including general specifications.

RM series, (3/1) Master Dialog Uninterruptible Power Supplies 8-20kVA

SKURatingRectifierDC BusBatteriesPhases
RM 8008kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/1
RM 100010kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/1
RM 150015kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/1
RM 200020kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/1
RM 300030kVA6-pulse
32×12Vdc SLA 5 year
RM 400040kVA6-pulse
32×12Vdc SLA 5 year
RM 600060kVA6-pulse
32×12Vdc SLA 5 year
RM 800080kVA6-pulse
32×12Vdc SLA 5 year
RM 1000100kVA6-pulse
32×12Vdc SLA 5 year

This range is still available on request.

RT series, (3/3) Master Dialog Uninterruptible Power Supplies 10-800kVA

SKURatingRectifierDC BusBatteriesPhases
RT 100010kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
RT 150015kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
RT 200020kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
RT 300030kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
RT 400040kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
RT 600060kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
RT 800080kVA6-pulse384Vdc32×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
RT 10000100kVA6-pulse432Vdc36×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
RT 12000120kVA6-pulse480Vdc40×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
RT 16000160kVA6-pulse480Vdc40×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
RT 20000200kVA6-pulse480Vdc40×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
12RT 25000250kVA12-pulse480Vdc40×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
12RT 30000300kVA12-pulse480Vdc40×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
12RT 40000400kVA12-pulse480Vdc40×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
12RT 50000500kVA12-pulse480Vdc40×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
12RT 60000600kVA12-pulse480Vdc40×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3
12RT 80000800kVA12-pulse480Vdc40×12Vdc SLA 5 year3/3

The RT series has been replaced by the Riello Master UPS range.