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  • InterSeptor Pro IT Environmental Monitoring Systems are designed to monitor environmental factors within datacentres,server rooms and server racks and help to identify potential energy savings through more efficient energy and power usage. InterSeptor Pro can monitor for temperature, humidity, over heating, excess moisture, water ingress, fire, power failures, security breaches and catastrophic events.

    InterSeptor Pro is a data logger and records temperature and humidity values for graphing and analytic purposes. The device can alarm (via Email and SNMP traps, telephone voice and texts) when pre-defined thresholds are reached or other problems detected.

    InterSeptor Pro is available in 3 models:

    • 8-Port with 8 x Temperature & Humidity Sensors
    • 16-Port with 16 x Temperature & Humidity Sensors
    • 24-Port with 24 x Temperature & Humidity Sensors

    The interSeptor Pro design allows two additional Go-Probe alarm sensors (water leak, security, smoke and power) to be connected to each temperature/humidity probe. This means the 24-port device, can support up to 48 additional alarm sensors.

    Standard InterSeptor Pro Features

    • Supports up to 24 Temperature or Humidity Sensors
    • Supports up to 48 Go-Probe Alarm Sensors
    • Optional GSM modem for SMS alerts
    • Email and SNMP alerts
    • Automated telephone voice alerts available
    • Web browser interface for remote monitoring
    • Monitoring via an SNMP-based Network Management System and Telnet
    • Up to six Relay Outputs for automated, on-site, crisis management
    • On-board logging (network independent)
    • On-board graphing facility
    • User-configurable alarm thresholds
    • Range of optional sensors available
    • Cat5 cabling to Temperature or Humidity probes

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