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2.5kW Eltek Solar PV Energy Storage Systems

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  • THIEA HE es is a 2500W grid tied energy storage system suitable for use with solar PV modules. During the day the system take the dc voltage from the solar PV modules and using its solar inverter to convert this to an AC voltage supply to power local loads, the built in HE charger (AC DC) and charge the battery set. The system can supply excess power to the local grid so that the installation benefits from any local Feed In Tariffs (FITs). In the evening, the system uses its internal battery set to power the inverter which coverts this to an AC voltage supply for the local loads.

    The system is designed to provide up to 18kWh with a lead crystal battery providing up to 5,000 cycles with a recommended Depth of Discharge (DOD) to 30%. The Eltek HE es system is designed to be compatible with a range of storage and renewable energy battery types.


  • High efficiency 95.8%
  • Global safety standard compliance
  • Reduced number of conversion stages to increase total system efficiency (PV to battery to grid)
  • Supports active grid management functions
  • Optimises PV power consumption and minimises grid electricity costs
  • Easily expandable for larger PV systems

Ease of Installation and Use

  • Maximise returns on a complete solar installation
  • Can be installed in new or existing PV installations
  • Configurable for Lithium, NiCad, Lead acid or Sodium batteries
  • Multiple adjustable and controllable charge and discharge limits (time, capacity, power)

Monitoring and Communication

  • Single setup, monitoring and control interface full color, graphical display
  • Remote access via the THEIA HE t built in webserver
  • Complete access to energy use and system performance via easy to read graphs
  • Multi language display
  • SKU HE-ES-2K5
    Power 2.5kW
    Efficiency 0.958
    Input Voltage AC Input 185 230Vac
    Input Amps 19.2A
    Output Voltage DC Output 300-400Vdc
    Output Connection hardwired
    Delivery Time Ex stock
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 600x600x1800mm
    Nett Weight 40Kg (ex batteries)
    Warranty 5 year warranty with 10, 15 and 20 year options
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