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GNB Classic Solar OPzS Solar 550Ah Batteries

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  • GNB Classic Solar OPzS Solar 550Ah Batteries are designed for medium and large power installations. They are robust, with a long design life and high operational safety and are ideal for solar and wind power applications, telecommunications, power distribution companies, railways and other harsh, safety critical environments.

    Classic OPzS Solar batteries are a ÔwetÕ battery with an optimized design for renewable energy applications. The batteries can withstand high cycling and have a long design life. Classic OPzS Solar batteries use a special allow and large electrolyte reserve to extend typical topping up intervals. This leads to low maintenance and reduced service costs. They are also completely recyclable with a low carbon footprint.

    • Nominal Capacity: C120 at 25degrees Centigrade (see table)
    • Design: very thick tubular positive plates for the most demanding energy storage applications
    • High Charge/Discharge Cycling Capacity: up to 2800 cycles at 60% depth of discharge (C10) with an IU charging profile at 20degrees Centigade.
    • Standards: designed to IEC61427 and IEC 60796-11
    • Cases: high quality transparent containers for easy maintenance
    • Options: available in dry-charged format with separate electrolyte
  • SKU OPzS-Solar-550
    Ampere Hours (Ah) 550
    Volts 2
    Design Life 60% depth of discharge
    Delivery 5-10 working days delivery
    Warranty 1 year
    Nett Weight (Kg) 26.7Kg

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