The Difference between Generators and UPS Systems


By Eco Power Supplies

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Both generators and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems are designed to use as a backup system when your original power source is interrupted but there is a huge difference between the two. Generators are used as a temporary power source that can keep you operational during a power outage.
There are many different types of generators on the market so finding the best one for your particular business is rather easy. It will depend on the type of business you have, the size of your facility and how much equipment you have.

The stationary generator is the largest and most expensive type available. These are connected to the main power supply and they’re designed to handle multiple devices. As a result, these are the main ones used by large businesses.

UPS systems provide a backup power supply that keeps your equipment running without interruptions during an outage and they protect your systems against power surges. The main difference is that these only have a few minutes of power supply because they’re powered by a battery. Therefore, the length of time they will keep your systems running is very limited. It will depend on which system you install and the size of the battery but even the larger systems only last a short period. They’re purpose is to run your system long enough for you to do a proper shut down or switch to the generator.

Generators and UPS systems work together to protect your equipment so you can keep your business running smoothly. They also protect the data stored in your computer system that you need to run a successful business. Power surges can overload your system and power outages can do a lot of damage due to improper shutdowns.

The expense of replacing your equipment could put a strain on your budget but the data you could lose is invaluable. With power outages and surges on the rise, investing in these systems is just plain smart.

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