Modular UPS Systems

Generator Service Schedule and Checklist

The EcoPowerSupplies generator service schedule is shown below. There may be additional requirements for specific sites that are in addition to this information and these requirements should be listed in the site-specific maintenance contract. Maintenance schedules can also vary with generator manufacturer guidelines.

General Inspections

Item Task Quartery 6m Annually
1 Upon arrival the Engineer will report to the site representative to explain purpose of visit Y Y Y
2 Safety / Site induction to be carried out as required Y Y Y
3 Visual inspection of equipment & surrounding area required, Equipment & work area to be checked for safe operation & free from slip / trip hazards etc Y Y Y
4 PPE to be worn Y Y Y
5 Ensure Proper warning notices are in place Y Y Y
6 Check that all Electrical panels / terminations are properly secured Y Y Y
7 Check integrity of earthing system Y Y Y
8 Generator run-up off load for 10mins Y Y Y
9 Generator checks carried out for leaks, excessive noise, vibration & exhaust emissions – Customer to be notified of any major issues at this time Y Y Y
10 Generator outputs to be recorded – Voltage, Frequency, oil pressures etc Y Y Y
11 Check that all guards are in place around moving parts Y Y Y
12 Check Engine Lubricant oil levels – top up as required Y Y Y
13 Replace Oil filters & Engine lubricant oil N N Y
14 Check Fuel filters – Drain sediment traps Y Y Y
15 Replace Fuel Filters N N Y
16 Check Coolant levels – top up as required (anti-freeze mixture 50/50) Y Y Y
17 Replace Coolant filters if applicable N N Y
18 Check air filters – Clean if necessary Y Y Y
19 Replace air Filters (annually or Bi-annually subject to condition / type) N N Y
20 Check radiator condition – Clean as required (Authorisation required if pressure washing required) Y Y Y
21 Check Turbo for correction operation Y Y Y
22 Check Engine/crankcase Breather for excessive emissions Y Y Y
23 Inspect all hoses for condition Y Y Y
24 Check all fixings, retaining bolts and Anti-Vibration mountings Y Y Y
25 Visual Inspection of main Alternator – condition/couplings/bolts etc Y Y Y
26 Check Fuel lines, change-over valves, couplings, transfer pumps, switches Y Y Y
27 Check Governor operation, Drain/refill lubricant if applicable Y Y Y
28 Clean & lubricate all linkages Y Y Y
29 Check Fire valve condition / integrity Y Y Y
30 Inspect Gauges for operation / condition Y Y Y
31 Check & Adjust valve clearances N N Y
32 Check Jacket water heater operation Y Y Y
33 Check Water pump – Pulley bearing for wear, grease if applicable Y Y Y

Electrical DC Installation

Item Task Quartery 6m Annually
34 Check Battery condition– Terminals / cables / Electrolyte level Y Y Y
35 Test battery under load where possible Y Y Y
36 Check Charging system – Fan belt condition/adjust as required, Pulley bearing for wear, Alternator output Y Y Y
37 Check Battery mains charger operation Y Y Y
38 Check starter motor operation Y Y Y
39 Check control panel / meters & interrogate fault/history logs if available Y Y Y
40 Check shut-down devices (oil pressure/over-speed/coolant etc) Y Y Y
41 Inspect Wiring loom for signs of damage / wear Y Y Y
42 Visual check on all switches / fuses Y Y Y

Electrical AC Installation

Item Task Quartery 6m Annually
43 Check meters Y Y Y
44 Visual inspection of Change-over contacts if applicable Y Y Y
45 Check Control panel / switches / fuses / relays Y Y Y
46 Visual inspection of circuit breakers Y Y Y
47 Visual inspection of Synchronisation equipment if fitted, Reverse Power relay, Synch checks, etc Y Y Y
48 Check Termination boxes – clean as required Y Y Y
49 Check Engine heater Y Y Y
50 Inspect Alternator covers – Clean as required Y Y Y
51 Check Engine AVR/DVR, droop controls, etc N N Y
52 Adjust Voltage / Frequency – Customer authorisation required Y Y Y


Item Task Quartery 6m Annually
53 Clean equipment and working area Y Y Y
54 Remove all debris from site Y Y Y
55 Run up Generator off-load for 10 minutes Y Y Y
56 Ensure all switches / controls / selectors are returned to their operational positions Y Y Y
57 Update warning signs/labels – Auto-start warning Y Y Y
58 Complete the service maintenance documentation Y Y Y
59 Update service routine decal on equipment Y Y Y
60 Review service findings with customer, offer operational advice & make any recommendations – seek authorised signature on worksheet Y Y Y

Condition Monitoring

We also provide an oil and fuel analysis service. From a sampling kit we are able to provide certified results within a few days and provide a report showing any contaminant levels with interpretation of the results. The analysis looks for the presence of several metals, fuel and water including: Copper, Iron, Chromium, Aluminium, Lead, Tin, Carbon, Sodium, Fuel and Water. This can help to identify coolant leaks, excessive cylinder lining wear, piston ring wear, bearing wear, fuel ingress and air filtration problems. Please contact us for pricing.

Load Bank Testing

We provide a Load Bank Testing service using a fleet of mobile load banks which can be deployed at any site and matched to the rated load of a generator for on-site testing. Please contact us for pricing.

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