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  • EnLogic DCEnable DCIM software is designed to monitor Enlogic PDUs and provide real-time monitoring and control. The software provides intelligent and timely information that can help organisations to achieve greater business availability, server usage and energy efficiency.


    • Easy tree structure to help visualize asset location and tracking.
    • Real time visibility at the rack/cabinet and device level for energy consumption and power availability.
    • Analytical reports to optimize performance and change management.
    • Sensors provide early warning signals that can be easily tracked and actioned.
    • Safely allow infrastructure devices to operate at higher temperature levels.
    • Web-based, interactive user GUI includes tabular layout for easy setup, configuration, and management.
    • Dashboard with individual user configurable widgets allows each user to display the information more important to their role.
    • Consolidated threat management including alarm warnings with hierarchy structure for easy drill-down to investigate potential problems.
    • User-defined graphs can include any measured data and information configurations.
    • Auto-discover devices.
    • Consolidate power, energy, and environmental data.
    • Associate data & information with physical hierarchy and user characteristics.
    • Easily associate energy data to physical power train hierarchy: IT device (server, switch), outlet(s)/PDU – rack, aisle, row, room, power source (UPS), datacentre.
    • Associate information streams to specific end users, customers, or other desired information groups.
    • Group multiple power sources per device for dual power source device reporting (total load/energy per IT device, rack, UPS) and easy power control.
    • Bulk setup, configuration, and upgrades.
    • Allocate actual energy to end users or customers.
    • Establish baseline performance and enable efficiency metrics (PUE, performance/watt).
    • Device level reporting for capacity planning, performance metrics and upgrade analysis.
    • Rack level reporting for load balancing, capacity and change management.
    • Power source reporting (UPS loading) for load balancing, capacity management and threat analysis.
    • Monitor and confirm SLAs, access controls and physical threats.
    • Identify hot spots, balance cooling loads and reduce variability for lower risk and higher efficiency.

    Pricing is per PDU monitored and maintained.

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