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The Carbon Trust’s Energy Technology List

Energy Technology List

The Energy Technology List (ETL) is managed by the Carbon Trust on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The ETL includes energy saving technologies that qualify for Enhance Capital Allowances (ECA), whose purchase price can be claimed against tax relief (from £26,000 upwards) in the year of installation.

The inclusion of UPS systems on the ECA scheme and ETL is designed to incentivise the adoption of the high efficiency uninterruptible power supplies. Uninterruptible power supplies eligible for inclusion on the list must meet certain threshold energy efficiency values. The ECA scheme includes static UPS that meet BS EN 62040-3:2011 (IEC 62040-3:2011) and covers the range 10-200kVA and from 200kVA upwards. The efficiency level thresholds include load ratings at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% load.

UPS Size 25% 50% 75% 100%
>10kVA <= 200kVA >=93.0% >=94.0% >=94.5% >=94.5%
200kVA+ >=90.9% >=93.5% >=94.3% >=94.0%

To apply for inclusion on the Energy Technology List, UPS manufacturers have to provide test results and documentation which may be audited by the Carbon Trust. Failure to pass audit can lead to UPS systems being delisted. Rotary UPS are also listed with their own set of energy performance thresholds from 100kVA upwards.

Further benefits from purchasing ETL qualifying energy efficient technologies can include: lower energy bills, reduced Climate Change Levy or CRC payment, and improved cash flow. To be included on the Energy Technology List a manufacturer has to submit their product data for examination against a number of load and operational related criteria. If a system is not included on the Energy Technology List it may have not been submitted or be going through assessment.

Example Calculation

The general rate of capital allowances is 18% a year on a reducing balance basis. If a business spent £10,000 on a new Uninterruptible Power Supply and claimed the standard capital allowance of 18% and paid 24% Corporation Tax, the tax relief would be £432 in the first year.

If the UPS system was on the ETL list, an Enhanced Capital Allowance could be claimed giving a one-off 100% tax relief of £1,800, giving the company £1,368 (£1800-£432) towards the cost of a new energy saving Multi Sentry UPS.

These figures are given as an example only and clients are advised to seek advice from their accountants before making a final decision.

Approved UPS Manufacturers on the Carbon Trust’s ETL

Carbon Trust ETL UPS Systems

EcoPowerSupplies is focused in providing the most energy efficient solutions available for data centre and other similar critical IT applications.

UPS systems available from EcoPowerSupplies, approved for Enhanced Capital Allowances include:

UPS Manufacturer Range/Models
Borri UPS Ingenio+ 60kVA, Ingenio+ 80kVA, Ingenio+ 100kVA, Ingenion+120kVA, Ingenio+ 160kVA
Eaton UPS 93PM and 9395 275kVA, 550kVA, 825kVA and 1100kVA
Huawei UPS 5000e 25kW, 5000e 50kW, 5000e 75kW, 5000e 100kW, 5000e 125kW, 5000e 40kW, 5000e 80kW, 5000e 120kW, 5000e 160kW, 5000e 200kW, 5000e 240kW, 5000e 280kW, 5000e 320kW, 5000e 360kW, 5000e 400kW, 5000e 440kW, 5000e 480kW
Riello UPS Multi Sentry UPS30kVA, 40kVA, 60kVA, 80kVA and 100kVA

For the latest information on the ETL list visit DECC.

EcoPowerSupplies are also Endorsers of the EC Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency.