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Energy Storage Solutions

EcoPowerSupplies designs and installs energy storage solutions to provide a battery backup power reserve from solar PV and wind turbine generated power.

Energy storage solutions from EcoPowerSupplies provide an alternative source of backup power when your primary renewable energy source cannot generate power. For solar PV and wind turbine installations our energy storage systems are ideal at night (for solar PV) and during periods of low or high wind speeds (for wind turbines).

Each energy storage solution is sized to suit the specific renewable energy installation. The first part of the project for EcoPowerSupplies is to examine your renewable energy installation to assess its generation capacity in terms of Power (Watts) and Voltage (both Vdc and Vac). EcoPowerSupplies can then design a site specific energy storage solution for your installation that will provide backup power when your renewable energy system is off-line and you do not have a Grid supply available.

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Battery Storage Systems

EcoPowerSupplies provides a complete battery storage systems design and installation service across the UK and Eire, including site surveys and project management. The EcoPowerSupplies team includes NICEIC approved electrical contractors and renewable energy consultants who can provide a complete electrical installation, battery build and 24-7 maintenance service for your project.

At EcoPowerSupplies our mission is to design, install and maintain resilient, reliable and renewable power solutions. Battery storage systems help organisation to generate and store electrical power later usage or supply into a Smart-Grid at times of peak revenue generation. As part of our eco-friendly after-sales service, also provides a complete battery maintenance and eco-disposal service through approved recycling centres.