Energy Star Rated Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Energy Star is a voluntary program run by the US Environmental Protection Agency to help businesses and individuals identify products that are energy efficiency and can therefore save their users money. In order for a product to have an Energy Star it has to demonstrate that it meets the highest efficiency standards through third party certified based on testing in EPA-recognised laboratories. In addition to upfront testing, a percentage of Energy Star products are subjected to “off-the-shelf” verification each year to ensure changes in manufacturing performance and product specifications do not undermine the their energy efficient operation.

EcoPowerSupplies offers a selection of UPS systems whose products carry the Energy Star badge. Compared to less efficient uninterruptible power supplies, Energy Star rated UPS systems will generate less heat, have a lower impact on local air conditioning and offer an improved Total Cost of Ownership – simply put they cost less to run.

In terms of uninterruptible power supplies, the Energy Star rating system applies to smaller UPS systems. For larger systems consider the Energy Technology List which lists high efficiency uninterruptible power supplies that can attract Enhanced Capital Allowances for the purchasing organisation.

EcoPowerSupplies offers the following UPS systems with an Energy Star rating:

  • Eaton 5P line interactive tower or rackmount UPS from 650-1550VA
  • Eaton 5PX line interactive tower or rackmount UPS from 1.5-3kVA
  • Eaton 9PX on-line tower or rackmount UPS from 5-11kVA
  • Huawei UPS UPS2000G models 1-20kVA

For the latest information visit the Energy Star website.

EcoPowerSupplies are also Endorsers of the EC Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency.