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EN2110 Metered Outlet Switched PDUs 16A 3ph

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  • EN2110 Metered Outlet Switched PDUs 16A 3ph with 18xC13 and 6xC19 outlets. The EN2000 PDU series provides remote outlet ON/OFF switching for power-up sequencing, remote load power cycling and outlet use management. The EN2000 PDU also features real-time metering and network monitoring of the connected loads to help with capacity planning, load balancing and energy usage optimisation.

    With the EN2000 outlet level switching is standard and allows for sequential outlet power-up to protect against inrush current overloads and allow datacentre managers to specify and define load hardware boot-up order and timing. The remote ON/Off outlet control allows authorised users to power-cycle hardware and control rack-level power access by turning off unused outlets.

    The PDU incorporates billing-grade watt-hour metering to provide data on accurate energy usage for billing and PUE and efficiency calculations. The monitoring is real time for every input power phase and each circuit breaker within the rack PDU itself and advance alarm notification to warn of potential power issues and provide the opportunity to balance loads between phase and circuit breakers to improve reliability and power efficiency.

    Enlogic PDUs have a low-profile design and ultra low-profile circuit breakers for space-saving within the rack enclosure. Up to 6 external sensor problems can be attached to each PDU for remote and alarm monitoring. Enterprise-grade network connectivity allows for effective management via HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP or Telnet integration with LDAP/S and Active Directory allows easy integration into your existing directory service. Other features include colour coded outlets and circuit breakers, standard locking IEC outlets and cords, high visibility oLED display and a hot-swappable network management module.

    See our range of PDU accessories for additional sensors (access/security, humidity/temperature, smoke and water/fluid), beacons, communications cables, plug-in interfaces and locking power cords.

    PDU Level

    • PDU Metered: yes.
    • Energy Meter (kWh): yes.
    • PDU Level Billing Grade Metering: yes.

    Outlet Level

    • Outlet Level Switching: yes.

    External Sensor Compatibility

    • Maximum Number of Sensors: 6.
    • Temperature Sensor Compatible: yes.
    • Temp + Humidity Sensor Compatible: yes.
    • 3T + 1H Sensor Compatible: yes.
    • Dry Contact Sensor Compatible: yes.
    • Fluid Leak Sensor Compatible: yes.

    Network Intelligence Module

    • Field Replaceable Network Intelligence Module: yes.
    • Hot Swappable: yes.

    Design Features

    • Colour Coded Outlets: yes.
    • Locking IEC Outlets: yes.
    • Rewireable Input Cord: yes.
    • Toolless Mounting Systems: yes.
    • Daisy Chain Capable: yes.
    • Circuit Breaker Status Monitoring: yes.

    Environmental Characteristics

    • Temperature Range: -5 to 60C.
    • Humidity Range: 5-95% RH, non-condensing.
    • Maximum Elevation: 0-3000m.
    • Storage Temperature: -25 to 65C.
    • Storage Humidity: 5-95% RH non-condensing.
    • Storage Maximum Elevation: 0-15000m.
  • SKU EN2110
    Input Connection 16A 3ph
    Input Voltage 380-415Vac +6%/-10%
    Installation 0U, vertical mounting
    Output Connection 18xC13, 6xC19
    Output Voltage 380-415Vac, 50Hz
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 55x50x1730mm
    Nett Weight 9kg
    Delivery Time Ex Stock
    Warranty 3 year warranty

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