Replacement UPS Battery Kits Table For Eaton Power UPS

For more information on our replacement battery kits for Eaton Power UPS please click on any of the products shown below or call our Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, complete our enquiry form or simply email us. Alternative see all the battery replacement kits we supply at EcoPowerSupplies.

68515 Pulsar MX EXB RT3U 4-5kVA, PW9135 BAT 6000, PW9135 BAT 5000
68524 Pulsar MX4000, Pulsar MX5000, Pulsar MX Battery SUB Module, PW9135-5000 E50, PW9135 6000, Pulsar MX EXB RT3U 4-5kVA, PW9135 BAT 6000, PW9135 BAT 5000
AB1024 PW9120 BAT 6000
AB2000 Ellipse ASR 375 BS – Uni, Ellipse ASR 600 BS – Uni, Ellipse ASR 600 USB BS – Uni, Ellipse ASR 375 IEC, Ellipse ASR 600 IEC, Ellipse ASR 600 USB IEC, Ellipse XL IEC 420VA, Ellipse XL IEC 420, Ellipse XL DIN 420, Ellipse XL FR 420, Eaton 3S 700, PW3105-700, PW 3110 425-550, PW 3115 300-420, Ellipse ECO 650VA, Ellipse ECO 650VA USB, PW5110-700
AB2002 Ellipse ASR 1000 USB BS – Uni, Ellipse 1000 USB IEC
AB2003 Ellipse ASR 750 USB BS – Uni, Ellipse 750 USB IEC
AB2005 Ellipse ASR 1500 USB BS – Uni, Ellipse 1500 USB IEC
AB2200 Ellipse MAX 600 FR, Ellipse MAX 600 DIN, Ellipse MAX 600 UNI, Ellipse MAX 600 IEC, Ellipse MAX 600 USB FR, Ellipse MAX 600 USB DIN,Ellipse MAX 600 USB UNI, Ellipse MAX 600 USB IEC
AB2202 Ellipse MAX 850 USB FR, Ellipse MAX 850 USB DIN, Ellipse MAX 850 USB UNI, Ellipse MAX 850 USB IEC, Ellipse MAX 1100 USB FR, Ellipse MAX 1100 USB DIN, Ellipse MAX 1100 USB UNI, Ellipse MAX 1100 USB IEC
AB2203 Ellipse MAX 1500 USB FR, Ellipse MAX 1500 USB DIN, Ellipse MAX 1500 USB UNI, Ellipse MAX 1500 USB IEC, Ellipse ECO 1600VA USB
AB2300 Evolution 1150VA Tower, PW 5115-1000, PW 5115RM-500, PW5125-1000 T1000, PW9120-700, PW9125-1000 P11, PW9130-700 Tower,IBM LCD 750 Tower, IBM LCD 1000 Tower
AB2301 Evolution 1150VA Tower, PW 5115-1000, PW 5115RM-500, PW5125-1000 T1000, PW9120-700, PW9125-1000 P11, PW9130-700 Tower,IBM LCD 750 Tower, IBM LCD 1000 Tower
AB2302 Evolution 850VA Tower
AB2303 Evolution 1550VA Tower, PW 5115 1400 P14, PW9120-1000, PW9130-1000 Tower, PW9130 700 Rackmount, PW9130- 1000 Rackmount, AXXIUM-1000 B35, IBM LCD 1500 Tower, IBM LCD 1440-1500 Rackmount
AB2306 Evoltuion S 1250VA RT2U, Eaton 5PX 1500, PW5130-1250
AB2307 Evolution 2000VA Rackmount-Tower, Evoltuion S 1750VA RT2U, Eaton 5PX 2200, PW5125-1500-T1500, PW5125RM-1000, PW5125RM-1500-R1500XR, PW9120 BAT 700, PW9120-1500, PW9125-1500-P16, PW9125-2000, PW9130-1500 Tower E16, PW9130 1500 Rackmount, AXXIUM-1500 B37
AB2308 Evoltuion S 2500VA RT2U 0.9PF Netpac
AB2309 Evoltuion S 3000VA RT2U, Evoltuion S 3000VA RT2U Netpac, Eaton 5PX 3000, PW9120 BAT 1000
AB2310 Evoltuion EXB 1250-1750 RT2U, Eaton 5PX 1500-2200 EBM, PW5125 EBM 24 T1000 ERM, PW5125 EBM 48 T1500 ERM, PW5125 EBM 48 T2200 ERM P23 EBM, PW5125RM EBM 48, PW5125RM EBM 48 R1500XR ERM, PW9120 BAT 1500, PW9120-2000, PW9120-3000, PW9125 EBM 24-P11 EBM, PW9125 EBM 48-P16 EBM, PW9125 EBM 48, PW9130 BAT 1500 Tower-E16 EBM, PW9130-2000 Tower, PW9130-3000 Tower, PW9130 BAT 1500 Rackmount, AXXIUM-1500 EBM-B37 EBM, AXXIUM-3000 EBM-B38 EBM, IBM LCD 3000 Rackmount, IBM LCD 3000 Rackmount ERBM
AB2317 Evolution 650VA Rackmount
AB2318 Evolution 850VA Rackmount, IBM LCD 6000 Rackmount, IBM LCD 6000 Rackmount ERBM, Evolution 850VA Rackmount
AB2319 Evolution 1150VA Rackmount, PW 5115RM-750, PW 5115RM-1000
AB2321 Evolution 1550VA Rackmount, PW 5115RM -1500 R1500 G2
AB2324 IBM LCD 11000 Rackmount, IBM LCD 11000 Rackmount ERBM
AB2327 Evoltuion EXB 2500-3000 RT2U, PW5130-2500
AB2330 PW 5140 and EBM
AB2402 Pulsar 700VA Tower,Ellipse ECO 1200VA USB, PW5110-1000, PW 5115-750-T750-P08-Loadstone 2145
AB2404 Pulsar 1000VA Tower, Pulsar 1000VA RT 2U
AB2405 Pulsar 1500VA Tower, Pulsar 1500VA RT 2U
AB2409 Pulsar EXB 1 – 1.5kVA Mini Tower, Pulsar EXB 1 – 1.5kVA RT 2U includes rails
AB2508 Pulsar M RT 2200 2U, Pulsar M RT 2200 3U
AB2509 Pulsar M RT 3000 2U, Pulsar M RT 3000 3U, Pulsar M RT 3000 3U XL, PW9125-3000-P30-E30, PW9130 BAT 1000 Tower, PW9130 BAT 1000 Rackmount, PW 9130 2000 Rackmount, PW9130 3000 Rackmount, AXXIUM-1000 EBM-B35 EBM, IBM LCD 2200 Rackmount, IBM LCD 2200 Rackmount ERBM
AB2514 Pulsar M RT EXB 3U 2-3kVA, Eaton 5PX 3000 EBM, PW9125 EBM 72 P30-E30 EBM, PW9130 BAT 3000 Rackmount
AB2530 PW5125RM-3000 R3000 P33-E33 UPS3000 (Harrier), PRESTIGE-3000 EBM EP5 EBM
AB2531 Eaton 3S 550, PW3105-350, PW3105-500, PW5110-500
AB2532 PW9140-7.5kVA, PW9140-10kVA E83, PW9140 EBM E83 EBM
AB2533 PW5125RM EBM 120-R3000 ERM-P33-E33 EBM-UPS3000 EBM, PW5125RM-5000-6000-R5500-P65-E65, PW5125RM-6000 EBM-R5500 ERM-P65-E65 EBM, PRESTIGE- 6000 EBM-EP8 EBM
AB2540 PW BladeUPS 3-phase UPS
AB2541 PW 3110 250-300, Ellipse ECO 500VA
AB2551 PW 3110 600-700, PW 5115-500, Ellipse ECO 800VA USB
AB2562 PW 3115 650
AB2574 PW 9170 Batt Tray with 2 trays per power module
AB2600 R12000 ERM
AB2616 R12000
AB2804 PW5130-1750
AB2806 PW5130-3000
AB2808 PW5130 1250 EBM, PW5130 1750 EBM
AB2812 PW5130 2500 EBM, PW5130 3000 EBM