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Eaton 5P 850VA Rackmount UPS

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  • The Eaton 5P 850VA Rackmount UPS system (1U) with an integral battery (up to 12minutes with a typical load) provides line interactive power protection. The UPS has a front panel LCD with energy metering in kWh and to provide other measurements, status and operating information.

    Typical applications: servers, network peripherals, storage devices

    Eaton 5P 850VA Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    • Power Protection: sags, surges, brownouts, lightning strikes, storms and mains power failures.
    • Load Segment Control: to enable prioritized shutdowns of non-essential loads to maximize battery runtime. This feature can also be used to remotely reboot locked up network hardware or to manage scheduled shutdowns or sequential start ups.
    • Energy Efficient: up to 98% efficiency, reduced cooling and utility costs.
    • Output Waveform: high quality sinewave on inverter.
    • Output Sockets: 4 IEC sockets.
    • Site Customisation: adjustable tolerance and sensitivity to maximize battery life by widening the input voltage window or adjustable input waveform via LCD or software.
    • Battery Management: with Eaton Advanced Battery Management (ABM) technology using a three-stage charging technique to extend battery life by 50%, hot swappable batteries and periodic battery testing.
    • Maintenance Bypass: optional hot-swappable bypass.
    • Remote Communications: RS232 and USB port with an expansion slot for an optional communications card (SNMP/WEB/Relay Card). Supplied with Eaton Intelligent Power Software Suite compatible with virtualisation software including VMware and Hyper-V.
  • SKU 5P850iR
    Power 850VA/600W
    Runtime 7-12m
    Input Connection 1xIEC (C14) 10A
    Input Voltage 230Vac (160-294Vac)
    Output Connection 4xIEC320 sockets (C13 - 10A), 2 switched groups
    Output Voltage 230Vac, 50/60Hz (adjustable 200/208/220/230/240)
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 438x509x43.2mm (1U)
    Nett Weight 13.8Kg
    Delivery Time Ex Stock
    Maintenance Plan Replacement battery kit available
    Warranty 36 months

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