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Datacentre Cooling Solutions

Air conditioning and cooling systems from EcoPowerSupplies are available in several formats including in-row coolers, room air conditioners and coolers for special applications. Our advanced systems use air, water and free cooling technologies and we provide a complete design, installation and maintenance service.

Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs) and Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAHs) can typically account for up to 30-40% of the total energy used within a datacentre environment. Our cooling experts carry out site surveys and use advanced systems to model to simulate thermal conditions and design a custom site-specific cooling solution that will be energy efficient, eco-friendly and have the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Cooling systems from EcoPowerSupplies can rapidly drive down Operating Costs (OPEX) thanks to their high efficiency (by as much as 50%). Our systems are competitively priced to meet tight CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) budgets and we also offer Hire Purchase and Leasing facilities.

Special Application Site Cooling Systems

As well as air-conditioning for datacentres and server rooms, EcoPowerSupplies also provides energy saving cooling systems for other indoor and outdoor applications:

  • Free Cooling System (FCS): to cool equipment rooms and reduce internal air conditioner usage. Deploying Free Cooling Systems helps to extend system service life, and reduces OPEX overheads.
  • Constant Temperature Battery Cabinets (CTBC): provides a temperature controlled container for the batteries and emergency back-up systems, allowing the local server room or data hall ambient to rise. The CTBC solution protects client battery systems and allows them to be operated within their recommended 20-25degree Centigrade operating range. Installation of a CTB reduces air conditioner usage and overall OPEX costs.
  • Outdoor Cooling Cabinet Solution (OCCC): a temperature controlled outdoor container for emergency back-up and other systems. The cabinet can be rapidly deployed and easily installed in confined spaces.
  • Self-contained Cooler With Free Cooling (SCFS): using free, natural air as a cooling source to reduce air conditioner usage and improve operating efficiency.

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