AC Uninterruptible Power Supplies Code of Conduct

EC Code of Conduct

EcoPowerSupplies is committed to promoting the energy efficiency improvement aims and objectives of the European Commission. When selecting UPS for critical applications, including data centres and server rooms, we promote systems from UPS manufacturers who have signed up to the EC Code of Conduct on the Energy Efficiency and Quality of AC Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

This Code of Conduct covers AC Uninterruptible Power Supplies supplying single-phase or three-phase outputs from 3kVA upwards at 230/400Vac. Its aim is to encourage UPS manufacturers to maximise the energy efficiency of their uninterruptible power supplies, and so reduce their energy consumption. The UPS can be one of the three operating topologies covered by BS EN 62040-3: on-line (VFI), line interactive (VI) and standby (VFD). The code outlines efficiency thresholds for specific UPS bands from 10-800kVA and from 25 to 100% loading and is supported by several UPS manufacturers:

  • Supplied by EcoPowerSupplies
  • APC by Scheider Electric / MGE UPS Systems
  • Chloride S.p.A
  • Eaton Corporation – available from EcoPowerSupplies
  • Emerson Power Network
  • GE Digital Energy
  • Meta Systems
  • Riello UPS – available from EcoPowerSupplies
  • Socomec

The UPS manufacturers who sign up to the Code of Conduct commit to:

  • agreeing to documented General Principles.
  • meeting minimum efficiency targets for new UPS models from 2011.
  • encouraging engineers and operators to adopt energy efficient practices.
  • co-operating with the EC in monitoring the effectiveness of the code.
  • developing marketing tools to promote the code.

The General Principles cover UPS description, design and operational topology (on-line VFI, line interactive VI or standby VFD) and compliance with energy efficiency threshold tables, annexed to the Code of Conduct.

For information on the specific UPS efficiency thresholds view the EC Code of Conduct on Energy Efficiency and Quality of Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

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