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The Claude Lyons Group was founded in the UK in 1918 and ceased trading in the summer of 2016. The company was a British voltage stabiliser manufacturer and world leader in voltage and power control technologies. Claude Lyons operated from a 35,000sqft (3,250sqm) factory at Waltham Cross, Herts and manufactured single and three phase voltage stabilisers from 350VA to 1525kVA with voltage correction ranges of ±6.25% to ±25%. The product range was designed to protect critical power equipment from voltage and power quality issues including harmonics and saver energy.

As well as automatic voltage stabilisers the company also manufactured power conditioners and voltage optimisers and sold uninterruptible power supplies. Some UPS systems were manufactured in-house and others were bought-in, principally from Riello UPS and sold under the Claude Lyons label.

EcoPowerSupplies can offer service and replacement models on the Claude Lyons voltage stabiliser and UPS systems ranges.

TS Electro Mechanical Servo Voltage Stabilisers

TS Voltage Stabiliser range

The TS range used digital servo contorls combined with a buck/boost transformer design to provide reliable and efficient voltage regulation to ±0.5% of the output voltage setting. TS stabilisers were available in either single or three phase model configurations from 1-1525kVA with voltage input ranges of ±6.25% to ±25%.

For comparable AVS/AVR models see the Ortea Vega or Orion Plus voltage stabiliser ranges.

MS and MSB Automatic Voltage Stabilisers

The Powerstay MS (single phase) and MSB (three phase) range of voltage stabilisers are a low cost power solutions range offering a lower output voltage correction accuracy to the Claude Lyons TS range. Models are compact with ratings from 350VA to 2.3kVA with an voltage correction range of -20%, +10% and output voltage accuracy of ±1.5%. The MSB range has an input voltage correction range of ±15% and an output voltage accuracy of ±1%. Three phase MSB range was available in three ratings:

  • MSB-45 to 31kVA
  • MSB-90 to 62.1kVA
  • MSB-152 to 105kVA

For comparable AVS/AVR models see the Ortea Vega or Orion-Y or the Makelsan MST33 or MPC voltage stabiliser ranges.

PowerSave Voltage Optimisers

PowerSave was the name given to the energy management systems from Claude Lyons. PowerSave used an innovative technology that could reduce energy bills by up to 25%. The product would reduce the mains voltage to the level required by connected electrical devices and this level w ould be less than the 240Vac standard. The reduced power saved on wasted energy and helped organisations to reduce their carbon footprints. The PowerSave range of Eenergy Saving Stabilisers (ESS) offered the ultimate performance and protection. The product combined PowerSave features with voltage stabilisation. 

For comparable voltage optimisation product please see our voltage optimiser range.

Repairs and Spaces For Claude Lyons UPS Systems

Claude Lyons bought-in UPS solutions from a range of UPS manufacturers including Riello UPS and sold them as the DCS2 range of UPS systems. As an approver reseller and service provider, EcoPowerSupplies can provide new uninterruptible power supplies, spares, replacement batteries and service for the UPS systems sold by Claude Lyons.

For comparable UPS systems please view the Riello UPS models on our website.

For automatic voltage stabilisers or UPS systems for data centres, industrial, commercial or domestic applications, call the Eco Power Projects team for advice or to arrange a site survey or quotation on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete our enquiry form.