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  • The Canara Battery Monitoring System is the most comprehensive, cost effective and easy to install fixed battery monitoring system available. The patented system continuously monitors, captures and transmits data on battery block performance and is suitable for Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) and wet cell batteries. Canara can be installed on UPS, battery cabinets, battery racks and stands, DC standby power systems, emergency lighting, switchgear and generator batteries.

    All the battery information collected can be viewed on the software platform Canara Connect. The system interfaces with Canara battery monitoring nodes and third-party systems to provide synchronized and comprehensive battery information is made available for a complete datacentre or other operational site. The benefits of using the Canara Battery Monitoring System for critical power system monitoring include:

    • Eliminate downtime risk from failing or failed battery blocks
    • Extend battery life by up to 35%
    • Save money on warranty replacements
    • Avoid thermal runaway and comply with local specifications
    • Reduce maintenance costs by 75%
    • Acquire overall and individual battery block performance data
    • Reduce battery waste and recycling costs
    • Migrate from emergency to less costly preventative maintenance

    The battery monitoring system is priced on an OPEX model so that the installation costs can be spread out over the life of an installation. The system comprises of:

    • Canara Nodes: 1 per battery block, with a visual indicator to capture battery performance information including individual battery voltages, ohmic values, ambient and internal battery temperatures and float current.
    • Canara Controller: 1 per UPS or battery string to collect data from the Nodes (up to 240 per Controller) using the CANbus2 protocol and provide the central logic for each UPS battery monitoring system. The Canara Controller connects to a network via Ehternet, WiFi or GPRS. It is powered by a 15V 5A AC or 48Vdc supply.
    • Canara Manager: 1 per site to collect and present data locally and to synchronise with the Canara Monitoring Operations Centre (optional). The Canara Manager is available as a rackmount or portable model. It operates in one of two modes (i)onsite or local mode to store data locally, (ii) synchronized to the cloud based Canara Monitoring Operations Centre.
    • Canara Connect: local software for facilities managers and datacentre operators to log in and view reports and administer the stystem.
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