Replacement UPS Battery Kits Table For APC UPS

For more information on our replacement battery kits for APC UPS please click on any of the products shown below or call our Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, complete our enquiry form or simply email us. Alternative see all the battery replacement kits we supply at EcoPowerSupplies.

RBC1 Back-UPS BK200B
RBC2 Back-UPS BK200, BK250B, BK280B, Back-UPS Pro BP280, BP280B, BP280S, BP280PNP, Back-UPS Pro BP280C, BK300, BK350, BP350, Back-UPS BK400, BK400B, BP420, BP420C, BP500, Back-UPS BK500, BK500M, Smart-UPS SU420VS, SU420INET, SUVS420, Back-UPS Pro BP280SX116, BP4201PNP, SP500DR, BP500UC, BP2801PNP
RBC3 Back-UPS BK450, Back-UPS BK520, Back-UPS BK575C, Back-UPS BK600, Back-UPS BK600C, Back-UPS BK650M, 450AT
RBC4 Back-UPS Pro BP650, BP650C, BP650PNP, Back-UPS BK650S, Smart-UPS SU520INET, SU650VS, SU620INET, Smart-UPS SUV650, Back-UPS Pro BP6501PNP, BP650SC, BK650X06
RBC5 Smart-UPS SU450INET, Smart-UPS SU600, Smart-UPS SU700, Smart-UPS SU700iNET, Dell DL700 UPS, APC Smart-UPS SU700BX120, SU700X93
RBC6 Smart-UPS SU450INET, Smart-UPS SU600, Smart-UPS SU700, Smart-UPS SU700iNET, Smart-UPS SU700BX120, Smart-UPS SU700X93 and Dell DL700 UPS
RBC7 Smart-UPS SU1000XL Smart-UPS SU1000XLNET, Smart-UPS SU1250, Smart-UPS SU1250RM, SU1400, Smart-UPS SU1400VS, Smart-UPS SU1400NET, Smart-UPS SU1400BX120, Smart-UPS SU1400X106, Smart-UPS SU1400X145, Smart-UPS SU1400X93, Smart-UPS SUA1500, Smart-UPS SUA1500X93, Smart-UPS SUVS1400, Back-UPS Pro BP1400X116, Smart-UPS SUA750XL and Dell DLA1500I
RBC8 Smart-UPS SU1400RM, Smart-UPS SU1400RMNET, Smart-UPS SU1400RMBX120, Smart-UPS SU1400RMX176, Smart-UPS SU1400RMX93
RBC9 Smart-UPS SU700RM, Smart-UPS SU700RMNET
RBC10 Back-UPSBK250, BK280, BK280C, BF350
RBC11 Smart-UPS SU24XLBP, SU1400XLTNET, APC Smart-UPS SU1400RMXLTNET, SU2000, APC Smart-UPS SU2200, SU2200NET, APC Smart-UPS SU2200RM, SU2200RMNET, APC Smart-UPS SU2200RMXL, SU2200RMXLT, APC Smart-UPS SU2200XL, SU2200XLTNET, APC Smart-UPS SU3000, SU3000NET, APC Smart-UPS SU3000RM, SU3000RMNETAPC Smart-UPS SU2200US, SU2200X106, APC Smart-UPS SU2200X111, SU2200X115, APC Smart-UPS SU2200X179, SU2200X180, APC Smart-UPS SU2200X93, SU3000RMX93, APC Smart-UPS SU3000US
RBC12 Smart-UPS SU2200R3IBX120, Smart-UPS SU2200RMI3U, Smart-UPS SU3000R3IBX120, Smart-UPS SU3000RMI3U, Smart-UPS SU5000I 2 Kits Required, Smart-UPS SU5000R5IBX120, Smart-UPS SU5000RMXLT5U (2x kits required), Smart-UPS SU5000RMI5U (2x kits required), Smart-UPS SU5000R5IBX135 (2x kits required), Smart-UPS SU5000R5IBX120 2 Kits Required, Smart-UPS SU5000RMXLI5U (2x kits required) and DELL DL5000RMI5U (2x kits required)
RBC14 Matrix UPS MX3000, APC Matrix MX5000
RBC15 Back-UPS BK650EI
RBC17 PowerStack PS250, PS250i, PS450, PS450i, PS450i1U
RBC18 Smart-UPS SC450RMI1U
RBC21 Smart-UPS SU700R2, Smart-UPS SU700RM
RBC22 Smart-UPS SU1000R2BX120 Rack Mount UPS, Smart-UPS SU1000RM2U 2U Rack Mount UPS, Smart-UPS SUA1000RM2U 2U Rack Mount UPS, Smart-UPS SUA1000RMUS 2U Rack Mount UPS
RBC23 Smart UPS SU1000R2BX120 Rack Mount UPS, Smart UPS SU1000RM2U 2U Rack Mount UPS, Smart UPS SUA1000RM2U 2U Rack Mount UPS, Smart UPS SUA1000RMUS 2U Rack Mount UPS
RBC24 Smart-UPS SU1400R2 Rack Mount UPS, Smart-UPS SU1400RM Rack Mount UPS, Smart-UPS SU1400RMUS Rack Mount UPS
RBC25 Smart-UPS SU1400RMXLI3U Rack Mount, SU1400RMXLIB3U Rack Mount (black)
RBC27 Smart-UPS SU48R3XLBP 2 Kits Required, SU2200RMXLI3U, SU3000RMXLI3U
RBC30 Back-UPS BF500
RBC33 Back-UPS RS BR1500i, Smart-UPS SC1000i
RBC43 Smart-UPS SUA2200RMI2U, Smart-UPS SUA3000RMI2U, Smart-UPS SUM1500RMXLI2U, Smart-UPS SUM3000RMXLI2U, Dell DLA2200RMI2U, Dell DLA3000RMI2U, IBM S3000XHV 3000XLV, IBM 32P1792
RBC44 Smart-UPS SURT192XLBP (2 kits required), Smart-UPS SURT192RMXLBP (2 kits required), Smart-UPS SURT10000RMXLI (2 kits required), Smart-UPS SURT10000XLI (2 kits required), Smart-UPS SURT3000RMXLI, Smart-UPS SURT3000XLI, Smart-UPS SURT5000RMXLI, Smart-UPS SURT5000XLI, Smart-UPS SURT7500RMXLI (2 kits required), Smart-UPS SURT7500XLI (2 kits required), Smart-UPS SURT8000RMXLI (2 kits required), Smart-UPS SURT8000XLI (2 kits required), Smart-UPS SURT15KRMXLI (4 kits required)
RBC47 Back-UPS BE325UK
RBC48 Smart-UPS SUA750I
RBC55 Smart-UPS SUA2200I, Smart-UPS SUA2200XLI, Smart-UPS SUA3000I, Smart-UPS SUA3000XLI, Smart-UPS SUA5000RMI5U 2 Kits Required, MDS55 includes the following: 4x CSB GP12170 batteries, bonded together into two blocks of two batteries, 2x 100A fuses, 8xNut/bolt/washer sets for attaching the cables and fitting the fuses, 2xself-adhesive terminal covers
RBC57 Best Power Axxium 1500 rackmount
RBC59 Smart-UPS SC1500I
RBC106 Back-UPS BE400UK
RBC109 Back-UPS XS1300, Back-UPS XS1500, Back-UPS BX1300LCD, Back-UPS BX1500LCD
RBC116 Smart-UPS SMX1000I, APC Smart-UPS SMX750I
RBC117 Smart-UPS SMX2200RMHV2U, Smart-UPS SMX3000RMHV2U, Smart-UPS SMX3000RMHV2UNC
RBC123 Back-UPS Pro BR900GI, Smart-UPS SMT750RMI2U
RBC124 Back-UPS Pro BR1200GI, Back-UPS Pro BR1500GI
RBC132 Smart-UPS SMT1000RMI2U
RBC133 Smart-UPS SMT1500RMI2U